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Week 1: laptop's desktop background

DAL Update: I’ve had the mood boards since Monday (in case you missed it, here’s the introductory post I wrote on Tuesday).

I took the three boards, put them into a collage and made them as my laptop’s desktop background. My laptop is always on, so all week I’ve been looking at those boards, taking notes on an electronic notepad (also on my desktop, to the right of the collage), and developing different design ideas. I’ve promised myself that I would decide on the project by the end of this weekend.

Won’t you please help me decide?

Here are my three top choices for this DAL with a gardening theme; these descriptions are taken from my rough, electronic notepad notes:

  1. Giant Phlox shawl — circular shawl, knit from the center out; center is cashmere blend in ruby; outer is pure cashmere in pink, fading to edge of cashmere/bamboo blend in spring green?
  2. Japanese Tea Garden Temple kimono top — asymmetrical buttoned kimono top; very structured, angular with horizontal and vertical stripes and sections in red and black dk-weight cotton with a touch of pale cream/natural?
  3. Garden Labyrinth blanket — spring green washable wool(to bring the garden indoors during the cooler months); worked from center out — circular in center with squared off edges. “Maze” will be knit-purl sts?

So if you were me, which would you design first? Click here to take survey

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