snowflakes23Woo Hoo ….. after a week of two-hour delays (except for yesterday … when we really could have used a delay!) we finally got a snow day. Not a whole lot of the white stuff out there … but enough to have us doing the happy dance and staying home and reveling in having a cozy fire!

I’m a mean, “dictatorial” mom who will have the kids work on schoolwork today. We’ll play AFTER they’re done … I’ve got two of the critters up and just waiting on the just-about-16yo who doesn’t think he should have to arise from his slumber. A battle of wits is in process.

So what am I going to do today?

Knitting …. of course. I just finished a capelet/poncho and have to block that and then I’ll be able to start on my EZ-inspired design. Kind of really excited about this new design. I’ll unveil soon.

Reading …. already did a chapter of Terese’s autobiography so can now enjoy some Agatha Christie and EZ.

Writing/work …. prepping for a grad-school class I’m taking this semester (starts in 2 weeks) and writing this post and generally catching up on paperwork. Hey, if I’m lucky, I’ll get all my business papers together to turn over to dh for taxes.

But for now …. I’m just enjoying the view of unplowed snow … no tire marks … no footprints … just beautiful, clean, white stuff (with a light snow continuing as I type). And I might just have to do a bit of online shoppping since I can …. save up to 75% during the Overstock Sale at Interweave

God is so very good …. hope you enjoy your day and stay cozy warm!sig block

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