Disclaimer: I rec’d a review copy ofSaving Grace in exchange for posting an honest review of this work of fiction as part of their blogger review program, Blogging for Books. The below review is my honest opinion of Annie Jones’ work. I rec’d no other compensation from the publishers.

Saving Grace by Annie Jones

Saving Grace — what can I say about this wonderful book about Southern women in Tennessee? It is so much more than saving the character of Grace, who is considered a tad loopy, and more about saving each of the other characters and allowing them each to “let go, let God”. Saving Grace is the second in the “prayer tree” series; I didn’t read the first book, but didn’t have any problem jumping into the middle of the story and “getting it”.

Saving Grace is a wonderful story about a small Tennessee town, four main female characters — Lucy, Naomi, Gayle and Rose — four women who are having their own issues, who have come together for prayer and fellowship (in the first book) and who have grown apart since then. Naomi, the planner of the group, figures out a way to get these four back together, working on a project for the good. Their project: helping eccentric town resident Grace, a lonely, some say crazy, widow who lives on her own out beyond the town limits. Naomi and her friends decide that they will save Grace … in the process they end up saving themselves by allowing God to work in their own lives.

I really liked this book — it’s a nice, clean Christian chick-lit (although I was a bit offended by one character’s reaction to the possibility that she might be pregnant and hadn’t used “protection” to avoid that But that is a difference between Catholic and Protestant teachings on birth control). That said, the characters are likeable and it was quite enjoyable to read their stories, to become part of their lives within the pages of this well-written novel. The situations are believable and the reader can commiserate with the characters and root for them to win … to get the man … to conquer the odds … to fix their lives.

I highly recommend this book for all who enjoy a nice, light romance … with Christian overtones. Annie Jones is an excellent weaver of tales.

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