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Yarn-along -- October 9, 2013

Yarn-along — October 9, 2013

Good morning …. a brisk (57-degrees) and clear morning at that. Indeed, a very good morning.

This week has been filled with lots of wonderful, exciting, entertaining events:

  • Thursday, we had a couple of Kit’s friends over to do some crafts for the upcoming Mary’s Shelter Craft Bazaar on Nov 9th. The girls are doing a fabulous job creating all different types of things for folks to buy to help this shelter. The girls’ enthusiasm to help is infectious!
  • Friday, worked with the kids all morning … then headed out to work at Dog House Yarns for the afternoon … then off to Confirmation rehearsal with Kit
  • Saturday was a big day: Kit’s reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation. Kotch came down from Alexandria and we had a wonderful family- and faith-filled day.
  • Kit, Archbishop of the Military Broglio and Kit's beaming parents.  I'm wearing "The Yarn Has Spoken" poncho.

    Kit, Archbishop of the Military Broglio and Kit’s beaming parents. I’m wearing “The Yarn Has Spoken” poncho.

  • Sunday, after 0730 Mass, I headed down to Montpelier Station for the 26th Annual Fall Fiber Festival and Montpelier Sheep Dog Trials. I helped in the Spring Gate Farm booth and demo’ed knitting in the afternoon. I was quite pleased with my ribbons (and the vendor-donated prizes) for my three entries in the highly competitive Skein/Garment Competition.
  • Monday, Feasts of Our Lady of the Rosary and Our Lady of Victory, was a day of rest until rehearsal in the evening for Meshuggah-nuns, the current musical LoW Players are putting-on. Kit and HotRod are in the chorus.
  • Tuesday was dh’s 61st birthday and we had a wonderful time getting the house ready to surprise him when he got home from work … check out the recipe for the triple-chocolate torte: it is an amazing cake!
  • Cowl for Winter Walks ... (10.5 x 28 inches OR 10.5 x 49 inches)

    Cowl for Winter Walks … (10.5 x 28 inches OR 10.5 x 49 inches)

    So with all that going on, I haven’t gotten much knitting done — finished a Cowl for Winter Walks for a Rav swap and am continuing on the cabled piece. On my reading stand are books for doing more in our homeschool: we’re going to read a retelling of Beowulf (once they know the story, then we’ll read the original) – this version by James Rumford is very well-done.

    I’m also trying to get more creativity included in our days; not so much crafty stuff as tinkering or engineering aspects. The books you see in the picture are getting me really charged up about this:

  • Invent to Learn: making, tinkering, and engineering in the classroom by Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager
  • From STEM to STEAM: using brain-compatible strategies to integrate the arts by David Sousa and Tom Pilecki
  • Free-Range Learning: how homeschooling changes everything by Laura Weldon
  • These books are particularly good for sparking HotRod’s interest … what boy doesn’t love to tinker … make … create … invent … play?

    So what’s on your needles and reading table? Wanna come play ….

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