SemiKolon Journals ... exactly what I've been wanting ....

SemiKolon Journals … exactly what I’ve been wanting ….

Ever since I started this homeschooling journey, some 15 years ago, I have been hunting for just the right journal … a journal with lined pages … a journal with blank pages … a journal with graph pages …

I often settled for one or the other … but never all together. And certainly never found one with a spiral, lay-flat binding and with good paper.

Until I stumbled across the Semikolon Mucho A5 Notebook … loving the look of the notebook, I ordered three right away (since homeschool starts next week, I figured I’d better take a chance).

I rec’d the three today and I couldn’t be more please. The $13.95 price seemed high but I would pay it again easily because the quality of these is great. The spiral is nice and solid … there are 55 pages of lined (very wide-lined but we can always double up our writing) paper, 55 pages of graph paper (looks about 5 to the inch), and 55 pages of blank pages. The paper is heavier than normal notebook/journal books so markers, crayons and colored pencils should work great. There are plastic dividers between the sections to quickly flip from one to the other. In the back of the journal is a plastic sleeve with a top opening for slipping keepsakes into. The journal measures roughly 8-inches x 6-inches and is kept closed with a wide elastic band of the same color as the journals themselves (we opted for pink for Kit, Grey for HotRod and Chocolate Brown for me).

I really am excited that I’ve finally found a great journal … I’m thinking this will be great, too, for keeping track of my knitting designs. I just might need to order a few more …

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