Year of the Sheep

Year of the Sheep

So …. how are your resolutions going?

Mine seem to have settled right in (of course it helps that school started back up and it’s not like I have a whole heckuva lot of time…..) …. but I’m enjoying the variety and the reveling in the good, the true, and the beautiful.

Knitting: I’ve read the first chapter from EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac. The project for January is an Aran-inspired pullover … but EZ has lots of tips for creating such a sweater and I’m letting ideas “steep” for another week before I actually start my EZ-inspired project. Stay tuned as I think it will be a fun knit. In the meantime, I’m reading EZ’s The Opinionated Knitter, a compilation of the first 10 years of her famous newsletters (with annotations from EZ’s daughter, Meg Swansen). What a GREAT read! I’m having such fun learning from the proverbial foot of the master. Wow. So much great knitterly info. REALLY wish I had more time to knit.

Spiritual: I’m continuing to read a bit of Terese of Avila each day … from her autobiography on Kindle. She is an amazing role-model/mentor for me. On top of this, I’m constantly trying to keep James 1:2-5 always in my mind (consider it all joy ….) Just ask Sr. Mary Brigid!

Leisure: enjoying reading Agatha Christie’s wonderful books … altho, I’m starting in reverse order, somewhat. I’ve started Curtain (Poirot’s Last Case) … and LOVING it.

Miscellaneous: so I deactivated my account on Facebook on New Year’s Day. I quickly realized that deactivating the account, also deactivated the networked blog setting I had so that I could promulgate my “deathless prose” to all you wonderful FB readers. I have since reactivated BUT AM NOT READING FB … just linking the blogs. So if you want to get snarky about me … this is a prime opportunity. Should you want me to READ what you say, please comment here on this blog.

Love and prayers for an awesome 2015!
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