working hard on knitting skills

working hard on knitting skills

Good morning … only 28 this morning (clear and sunny, though) with a high of 44 (but not till late this afternoon!). Tomorrow, March 25th, we’re expected to get snow … snow … at the end of March in Virginia! We’re so tired of the white stuff … but if it means we get to have dh and HamBone home, so be it!

This week we’ve got a very special feast day: The Feast of the Annunciation (a Holy Day of Opportunity!) which also happens to be out 16th wedding anniversary. Dh and I had a lovely post-Mass lunch and walk to celebrate a bit … but we will certainly enjoy something special on Tuesday! I can’t imagine not being married to this man … he is definitely a great gift from God.

On the schooling front, we have homeschool pe today, soccer practice this afternoon and Wednesday (if no snow, of course) and a drama production up at the high school where HamBone is one of the stars. We’re also heading down to Charlottesville to pray in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic … a very good thing to do during Lent.

On the knitting front, I’ve got the two publication designs done and just have to block those and write them up and send them off. This is great as they’re not due until April 15th… so I’m a bit ahead of the game on those. I have promised myself I will work on the article (commissioned for a knitting magazine) THIS week (also not due to April 15) so that I can get all those out of the way. I’ve got a submission due next Sunday, so want to finish the swatch in the next day or so … I love my job!

This past weekend, I was down at Spring Gate for a “Getting Cozy with Knitting Cashmere” workshop. I had a small group – only 5 ladies – but we had such fun learning about knitting (or remembering what we knew about knitting), practicing new techniques (including lace and bead knitting) and enjoying a gorgeous day at Jane’s farm (with all the newly lambed babies running around). I’ll post a full trip report later, but did want to share the above picture with y’all to whet your appetites!

How are plans for your week shaping up? Has spring sprung where you are? Know that as we go into this week, you are all in my prayers for a holy, healthy and happy last full week of March 2014!
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