see .... I'm still here ... and wearing my Diamond Shawlette

see …. I’m still here … and wearing my Diamond Shawlette

… it’s just been amazingly hectic around here for the last few months.

But, now I’m BACK!

Summer vacation is finally upon us … which means dh is home and we’re organizing, tossing and generally whipping the house into shape (since we haven’t done much since LAST summer). The end of the school year was a tad hectic — especially since I was subbing up at the high school as the librarian.

The last time I worked a 40-hour week, I was 39 and HamBone was 3months old. I am NO longer 39 and HamBone is now 15-1/2 years old. You do the math … what a transition. But so very fun and so worth it. I have been offered, and accepted, the permanent position as “Lily Librarian” for the next school year.

co for shawlThe only downside to working at the high school is the dearth in knitting time. I have done some swatches for possible publication designs … and am currently working on a lace poncho that I have now ripped two times and just cast-on again last night. The yarn is Schaefer Yarns, Anne (a superwash merino, mohair and nylon blend)in the Elizabeth Zimmermann colorway. I love this yarn … the colors, the feel, the knitability. Gorgeous stuff and it’s knitting up so nicely. Can’t wait to have chunks of evening hours to work on it.

For reading, I’m still on an Agatha Christie kick, having just finished Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case … which is a much better read than I remembered. I am set to start The Complete Miss Marple Short Stories and The Hercule Poirot Short Stories, alternating between the two. Fun summer reads.

Hope you are all doing well …. and it feels to good to be back blogging again. Let me know if you have any knitterly questions I can answer … or just want to natter in the comments. Hugs …
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