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Yarn-along: July 20, 2011

We’ve been on vacation … have you missed us? We went visiting relatives and camping in the North Carolina mountains (a post about those adventures later). Point is, when you’re on vacation … and your dh does all the driving … you tend to get alot of knitting done!

I got the mysteria-wisteria jacket done … spent about 12 hours writing up the design (the raglan decreases are different for EACH of the five sizes included in the design) … and now it is off to the publisher just in time for an end-of-week deadline, WHEW! The shawlette above, Purple Emperor Butterfly, (uses one skein of self-striping yarn in purples – which don’t want to photograph well) and the Heart-in-Hand mittens done using the left-over yarn from the mysteria-wisteria project, are just two examples of the projects I got done while riding the Blue Ridge. The shawlette will be winging it’s way to Germany to a Ravelry swap partner while the mittens were mindless knitting during the more glorious scenery parts of the vacation driving and are the start of the Holiday Knitting project (I’m SOOOO trying to be organized this year!). A third project, which I’m titling “Mt. Pisgah Summer Tank” is not viewable as I’m submitting it for publication … and those magazines are pesky about not showing anything until publication.

With camping, reading took second place to enjoying the great outdoors — but at night in the tent (with the rains pounding down on 4 of the 8 nights we were camping), I pulled out the Kindle and did some great read-alouds. I got the Kindle just before leaving on vacation … and I love it! I can increase the size of the font (thereby avoiding the reading glasses which are the bane of my existence) … there are TONS of free books available and it’s compact enough to slip in the pocket of the tent after reading (of course, we had to use a book light … which was no problem as the Kindle doesn’t have a glare on the screen). A great hit was the reading of the Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle …. perfect for camping adventures!

For my own reading (in “real” books), Alister McGrath’s argument against the New Atheism of Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris and others. The book is titled Why God Won’t Go Away and is really an excellent refutation of the fanaticism of the New Atheists. I’ve got a few more pages and then I’ll post a review.

So what’s on your needles and your reading table? Won’t you come and yarn-along with us?

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