toothpicksIt is so easy for me to complain … to look for the bad in people, events or objects … to be full of pride and assume the worst of others while ignoring the proverbial plank in my own eye. But, as a very learned and dear friend explained it the other day: my little toothpick crosses are NOTHING compared to all my blessings … nothing compared to what Jesus did for me.

Yes, my crosses are annoying …
sometimes they even prick …
sometimes they even draw a bit of blood …
but they are nothing compared to all the many gifts God has given me.

Remember …. consider it all joy! Even when things don’t work out perfectly, God is always there to catch us and hold us in the palm of His hand (and even carry our bitty-toothpick crosses if we need Him to).

Motto for this year ... one that I keep repeating over and over to myself!

Motto for this year … one that I keep repeating over and over to myself!

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