Isn’t it exciting: a double canonization yesterday at the Vatican, proclaiming two former pontiffs as saints: we’re very excited since St. John XXIII had such an impact on “opening wide the doors” and encouraging ecumenism and evangelization while St. JohnPaul II is just absolutely part of our family (he even has Dad’s Polish nose!). We’re enjoying the DVD about St. John 23rd, John XXIII: Pope of Peace … who knew Ed Asner would be so good (and look so much like) St. John? Excellent review of his life and pontificate (which only lasted about 5 years and yet had such an impact).

Last week was hectic and harried with a quick trip by dh and I (adult-daughter came and stayed with the kiddoes), working the Powhatan Festival of Fiber on Saturday and then the big celebration on Sunday, which also happened to be Divine Mercy Sunday. WHAT a week.

This week we’ll spend time celebrating the canonizations with a menu filled with Polish and Italian goodies … both savory and sweet. I’m particularly excited to try Kremowka Papieska, Polish Papal Cream Cake which sounds delicious and relatively easy. We’ll see.

On the homeschooling front, we’ll continue to wrap-up the year … we have about six weeks of school left and the weather is starting to get really nice. I think I’ll spend some time this week planning outdoor field trips that we can do on the spur of the moment when the weather is particularly gorgeous. Of course we have soccer practice and HamBone’s final lacrosse game … as well as events at the high school to celebrate the canonization of the namesake of the school. Party on!

Regarding my knitting work, I’ll spend this week finishing my sweater design for Cast-On. I didn’t want to bring it with me on the trip last week as I have heard horror stories of TSA agents confiscating knitting needles, etc. Someone had a great suggestion (after I was back home, of course) to bring a copy of the TSA-approved items which specifically mentions knitting needles as ok.

I’ll try that on my next trip. Which is this week: I’m heading to TNNA’s national trade show in Indianapolis this week where I’ll be able to see all the latest and greatest the wholesalers have to offer, schmooze with potential resources for my knitting work, and generally have a great time hanging with fibery-friends. The down-side is it is another weekend away from the kiddoes but I’m hoping it proves worthwhile for my knitting business. This past weekend while working the Powhatan festival, I was able to meet some knitters who really like my designs … now THAT was gratifying!

So how is your week shaping up? Any exciting events or trips planned … let us all know in the comments … and have a sensational Monday!sig block

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