Kensington Gardens Shawlette

Kensington Gardens Shawlette

On a recent trip to England, my 16yod and I spent much time wandering the criss-crossing paths of Kensington Gardens. All paths seemed to lead to Kensington Palace … which was just fine by us. The many train rides during our trip allowed me time to create this little beauty.

I designed this shawlette that is fit to wear to the Palace! A fun knit with a repeating lace pattern, reminiscent of the criss-crossing paths in London’s Kensington Gardens. The 57×25 inch shawlette takes approx 450 yards of fingering weight wool (shown here in Little Traveller from Verdant Gryphon, hand-dyed).

• the shawlette is knit from the top down, starting with a garter tab
• the center panel is a simple 4-stitch cable with yo’s on either side
• each triangle is worked the same, with the cable panel between
• a 3-stitch garter is worked on each edge with a slipped st to start every row
• the shawl grows slowly from 10 stitches to more than 250 stitches, but goes together quickly as the lace pattern is easy to memorize

Directions are charted and row-by-row.

This pattern is available for immediate download in my Ravelry Store, on Craftsy and, for those in Europe, on LoveKnitting.

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