and trying so hard to get my knitting-mojo back!

So the Schaeffer Anne shawl is not going as planned … at all. I’m going to rip it out and put it aside and start something else. I think I’m overthinking the design and just not liking the way it’s falling from the needles.

I HATE when my knitting-mojo is off.

It’s stressing me out, big time.

I need to let it go and move on to something else and come back to it later. This is what worked when I was knitting with the yarn that eventually evolved into the lovely (and always highly complimented) The Yarn Has Spoken Shawl.

The Yarn Has Spoken shawl

The Yarn Has Spoken shawl

On this normally Technique Tuesday, how ’bout if you help me out a bit?

What do you do to get your knitting-mojo back? So letting the yarn sit … and starting something else … seems to help. Do you:

  • do a mindless design that you have memorized?
  • do a completely different fiber-oriented craft – spinning, weaving, dyeing?
  • do a 180 and trash the whole project?
  • continue to forge ahead … akin to forcing yourself to read a book you’ve been told you “should”?

Any and all advice is welcomed … sig block

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