Luxurious Lacy Overblouse

Luxurious Lacy Overblouse

Wow … I haven’t posted on here since AUGUST! That is not good.

I’ve been so busy working full-time … homeschooling … chauffeuring kids to various activities … and just generally trying to stay above the proverbial water. I’ve haven’t had a whole lot of time for knitting, but it’s all good. It’s been an amazing ride since last I wrote … but now I’m breaking “radio silence” to share this with you:

The issue of The Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits 2014 is just hitting the newstands. I have a design in there: Luxurious Lacy Blouse done in Zealana’s Luxuria Air.

But the really cool news … the “big deal” as it says in the title of this post?

my design is on the cover!

Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits 2014

Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits 2014

I’m pretty proud.

The Zealana Luxuria Air is a blend of cashmere, silk and possum down and it is so very soft and drapey — it’s like knitting with air. My design is a very elegant top which can be pulled down over the hips or bloused-up when the band sits at the waist. It’s done completely in the round (so no seaming) and has a nice, wide ribbed collar to cling to the shoulders.

What do you think? Isn’t it a fun knit?

Here’s a bit about the rest of the issue:

In the section titled “A Stylish Life,” you’ll find innovative designs for special occasions for women and men, including the lacy overblouse shown on the cover, elegant scarves, and an intricately cabled Aran sweater. “Everyday Life” is filled with projects to make even the most humdrum day exceptional—the jaunty “Let’s Ride to Ripon Hat” (with its nod to beloved Lady Sybil), dashing driving gloves, and a “Classic Autumn Cardigan.” “Life at Home” offers a beaded lampshade, delightful sewing bags for needlework essentials, a lacy table set, and a sweet embroidered tea cozy. Each section includes projects for both “upstairs” and “downstairs.”

As Downton Abbey gets ready to start another season … why don’t you check out the Unofficial Knits? I’m sure you’ll enjoy the designs …

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